Emergency Team Planned by Tarps Plus

Every year a good portion of natural disasters hit the United States.  Supplies like tarps, water, plywood and various other types of supplies are needed when they hit.  Tarps Plus has plans to set up a team that will have stored pallets of tarps, water, clothing and other types of supplies To aid people in the wake of a tornado, hurricane or other natural disasters within the continental United States.  The tarp company is receiving donations from their locations in California and Texas, which include clothing, toys and various sundries.

Tarps Plus founder and CEO Michael Stein stated, “The Tarps Plus emergency team are the type of programs that we love.  We always have overstocked amount of tarps and the emergency team sets us up for a win for everybody.”

The tarps Plus emergency team will be ready by spring 2014. Stein says. In the occurrence of a tornado or hurricane, the company will drive a company truck out to the stricken location with supplies.


Tarps Plus specializes in poly tarps, canvas tarps, truck tarps and various other types of tarp covers.

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Gov. Perry’s Office Announces Relocation of Abadak and Tarps Plus in Texas

Many companies are leaving California for Texas. Gov. Perry’s office seems to be very excited about one company in particular Abadak Inc. the mother company of www.tarpsplus.com and acecanopy.com. Abadak  Has preconstruction on a state-of-the-art 25,000 ft.² warehouse and retail store in Weir Texas, which is 25 miles North of Austin. The company specializes in outdoor specialty gear, tarps, canopies, party tents, hammocks, cots and various other types of outdoor gear, as well as a line of children’s toys with the emphasis of outdoor living.

Abadak founder and CEO Michael Stein says, “We are very excited for the expansion in Texas and will be offering our full line of tarps, canopies and outdoor products to the people that need it most here in the Lone Star State.”

The new facility will be off a main highway in Weir Texas – highway 971. Weir is approximately 5 miles east of Georgetown, Texas, which is the largest adjacent community. Phase 1 of construction is projected to be completed by December 31, 2013.
For more information about Tarps Plus, Ace Canopy and Abadak Inc. you can go to www.Abadak.com or www.tarpsplus.com or you can call them at 1-800-838-3057.

The new address of the 10 acre facility is:
5651 FM 971
Weir, TX 78626


Above is a post of Gov. Perry’s Twitter account announcing the expansion of Abadak and Tarps Plus 2 Texas.

The company feels they can do very well in the area due to the high demand of truck tarps, hay tarps, canopy shelters and poly tarps that are needed for emergency coverage.

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Tarps Plus Weir Texas Set To Open January 2014

Texas is known for its volatile weather, so it stands that tarps are an essential tool for people that live there. Tarps Plus knows this, and they have decided to open a facility in Weir Texas. The move has been planned for over 3 years and this January 2014, we will finally get to see it come to fruition. The Texas location has been chosen strategically due to the hurricane that hit the Gulf and Atlantic region. This enables the tarp giant to distribute hurricane tarps faster and keep the tarps safe away from the hurricane zone at the same time. The central Texas location also enables the leading tarp company to offer the cheapest prices in shipping.
Tarps Plus founder and CEO Michael Stein told us, “The 10 acre Texas location will house all of our products including hurricane tarps, poly tarps and canvas tarps which are highly used in the region.”

Weir Texas is a small town with a population of no more than 700 people, but is only 4 miles adjacent from Georgetown, Texas, with a much larger population. The new facility will feature a 100,000 ft.² warehouse being built in 3 stages along with a retail store and outdoor display area.
Abadak Inc. the mother company of tarps plus will also house. It’s other outdoor specialty products there as well.

Information on the new tarps plus facility:
address: 5651 FM 971 Weir, TX 78626
phone: 1-800-838-3057


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Tarps Plus Unloads Surplus of Tarps for 2013 Hurricane Season

hurricane tarps

As the summer of 2013 hits its apex tarps plus has a surplus of tarps and is offering major discounts to the public. Although the 2013 hurricane season was projected to be a large and active one, it has shown to be a relatively quiet hurricane season.

Tarps Plus general manager Angelina Urquhart says, “We have a surplus of poly tarps and canvas tarps piling up in our warehouses in California and Texas, so we need to unload them and we thought we might as well offer major discounts to do so.”

The tarps that are being offered with a 70 to 80% discount are the blue poly tarps and brown poly tarps which are relatively the light duty grade. Canvas tarps have also been added to the surplus list, which include a 10 ounce super heavy-duty canvas tarp.

For more information about the tarps surplus discount sale. You can go to www.tarpsplus.com or you can call them at 1-800-838-3057

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Tarps Plus Holds it’s Annual 4th of July Tarp Bonanza Sale

Nothing says America like hotdogs Apple pie and tarps. Poly tarps and canvas tarps have become a part of the American fabric and landscape. Images of blue tarps sitting on top of roofs after hurricanes and tornadoes have become a common image and way of life here in the states. So why not celebrate the trusted plastic cover, along with the biggest holiday in the country. Tarps Plus will be holding its annual Fourth of July party at their main headquarters in Palmdale, California. The company also plans to offer deep discounts on its international website.

Tarps plus founder and CEO Michael Stein stated, “Fourth of July is just another way to celebrate our company and offer people tarps at discount prices.”

4 July sale will consist of discounts on poly tarps, canvas tarps, vinyl tarps, truck tarps and various other types of tarp covers that Tarps Plus carries.

The sale will run through June 19 through July 3.

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Tarps Plus Puts Begins Its Buildout For Its Texas Location

Many companies are leaving California for Texas due to the tax breaks and one tarp company is no different. Tarps Plus a leading US tarps supplier, has decided to move its headquarters to Weir Texas. Although the California-based tarp giant will be keeping a large portion of its company in California. The majority of the operation will now reside in the Lone Star State.

Tarps Plus founder and CEO Michael Stein says, “We are more than thrilled that the construction phase is starting on our Texas warehouse and retail store. Many people use hay tarps, truck tarps and various type of poly tarps for agricultural reasons in this area and we believe it’s a great fit.”

The tarp company also specializes in hurricane tarp covers which is a necessity in the area. We are Texas is approximately 25 miles North of Austin, Texas, which is just below hurricane alley and above hurricane stricken zones. More than 150,000 poly tarps are staged at the Texas location during the construction build out to make sure that hurricane victims in the Gulf and Atlantic regions can have quick access to poly tarps and supplies if needed in the 2013 hurricane season.

For more information about Tarps Plus and its mother company Abadak, please go to www.tarpsplus.com or you can call them at 1-800-838-3057.

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Tarps Plus Is Doing Another $4000 Tarp Tent Giveaway

The first tarp tent giveaway was so successful. Tarps Plus found itself compelled to do another one. The California-based tarps supplier will be offering a $4000 tarp tent absolutely free with no strings attached or purchases necessary to win.  The event is simple, all customers have to do is show up to the Tarps Plus retail store in Palmdale, California put their name in a bowl and an employee pulls the name of the lucky winner who will win the tent.

Tarps Plus general manager Angelina Urquhart says, “we are very proud of the tarp tent giveaway and know that the winning person will be able to use this tarp shelter to good use.”

Tarps Plus started the giveaway. The last week of February in 2013 and over 100 people showed up for a chance to win.

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Tarps Plus Kicks Off The Canopies for Kids Program by Donating a Massive Canvas Tarp

Tarps Plus started its massive campaign for schools called canopies for kids last Friday. The California-based tarp company donated a 30 x 30′ white canvas tarp and a 10′ x 10′ white pop-up tent. The tarp company arrived in their truck would paint supplies and employees to help the children paint the tent and tarp that they would eventually donate.
Tarps Plus CEO and founder Michael Stein says, “We are excited to expand the Canopies for Kids program.  We have the extra canvas tarps in stock to donate and we are more than glad to do it.”

Tarps Plus retail store manager Steve Benson was one of the employees to go and assist the children in painting the tarps and tent.  “We had a blast painting the tarp and pop up tent with the kids and look forward to doing more these functions this year,” Benson said.

The Palmdale city mayor James C. Ledford Jr has been speaking with Tarps Plus and is trying to find a way to expand the program to every school in the antelope Valley area.

canvas tarps

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New Branding For The Tarps Plus Tarp Line

Tarps Plus has been a leader in poly tarps, canvas tarps and vinyl tarps for several decades. Now the tarp company is expanding its product line under the the mother company name Abadak.  Tarps plus is a subdivision of Abadak.  The company was founded by CEO Michael Stein.  Abadak is an acronym that stands for a better atmosphere dedicating all kind. The company manufactures specialty outdoor gear.

Tarps Plus Origins began in the 1950s when Stein’s father sold canvas truck tarps to the trucking industry. In 1999, Michael Stein took the lead and expanded the product line to all types of tarps, canopies and outdoor specialty gear.  Stein wants to expand a new product line with an edge that will attract a niche market.

Stein says, “Our new line of tarps under the Abadak label will be a bit flashier than the branding with done in the past. The brand and packaging will appeal to all demographics and at the same time attract younger buyers and their interests.

Abadak’s Online tarp division www.tarpsplus.com offers a massive range of tarps with all types of applications.

poly and canvas tarps

The tarps, various other products and its new packaging will be introduced in September 2013

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Tarps Plus Introduces A New Type Of Heavy Duty Tarp

When people think of heavy-duty tarpaulins, they think of massive, thick coverings for sports fields. However, one tarp comapany introduces a new type of heavy duty tarp and has revolutionized the industry with its introduction. This covering has the ability to provide protection from the elements, even at below zero temperatures. These specifications give it more use outside of the norm.  Tarps Plus Will be rolling out a super heavy-duty polyethylene tarp with grommets and handles. The tarp is targeted to fit a niche industry which requires heavy-duty material to last a long time under harsh weather conditions.

These poly covers are fire retardant, water proof and translucent. This gives them a specific purpose that gardeners and greenhouse owners in places with rough winters will love. The heavy duty tarps also will serve as insulators during the winter, thus, helping your garden to remain alive for longer periods. For those who often see their backyards barren by the first snow, this could be a solution to multiple years of an ongoing problem.

At 10 feet x 10 feet and with a 20 mil thickness, it is safe to say that flowers, fruit trees and all other plants inside the greenhouse will have a warm winter. Worrying about the harsh conditions will not be necessary either. The material used to make this tarpaulin is wear and tear proof. If the need arises for its use outside of the winter months, owners can rest easy with the fact that it is also Ultra Violet resistant.

Tarps Plus has put thought and detail into its manufacturing. When Tarps Plus introduces a new type of heavy duty tarp, it’s goal is to ultimately satisfy their customers. With this new products, comes a new wave of customers who may not have seen the use for this product before. People who are concerned about how the sub-zero temperatures will affect their crops or other things in their yards can rest easy. This “magical” covering, helps to solve that problem without being damaged itself.


The new tarps will be arriving at the Tarps Plus headquarters by July 2013.

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