The tarps plus superstore offers a $5000 tarp tent giveaway.

The tarps plus superstore

Companies give things away all the time but one tarp company in Palmdale California is giving away a $5000 tarp tent with no strings attached. A leading tarps distributor, Tarps Plus opened up its retail store last October and has decided to drum up business by giving away a tarp tent with a retail value of $5000. Customers are being invited all week to leave their name on tickets that will be drawn on Saturday (January 26th) at noon. The promotional tactic has seem to work as far as to drum up interest. Palmdale Mayor Ledford will be attending the event for the raffle along with local Antelope Valley radio stations.

Sales manager Steve Benson stated, “This will be the first of many giveaways that tarps plus will raffle off. We intend on making this a weekly event. Covers like poly tarps and canvas tarps are an essential item that people in the antelope Valley can use so we feel this is advantageous for everyone.”
The tarp company says it’s a “kill two birds with one stone” advantage. We have overstock and returned items that we need to unload so why not trauma business and give it away to our community.
For more information about the tarp tent giveaway and Tarps Plus visit

Tarps Plus
location: 38940 Trade Center Dr., Palmdale, CA 93551
phone: 1-800-838-3057

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