Tarps Plus features a whole new line of tarps specially made for plants

The wintertime can be devastating for plants. One tarp company has created a unique product to combat the casualties this winter.  Frost protection is an ongoing battle for growers, farmers and residential owners wanting to keep their plants protected in freezing temperatures. Placing a simple poly tarp or canvas tarp was simply not do the trick. The key to the material is that it is spun bonded and not woven. When the tarp material is spun bonded it is light, keeps moisture out, keeps the plants warmer and at the same time keeping the material lightweight so it doesn’t bear down on to the plant. This simple tarp product has shown to be a great value and good seller. Tarps Plus has been offering the plant tarps since last February and it has been a big hit with farmers as well as homeowners wanting to save their plants.

Tarps Plus GM Angelina Urquhart says,”We are constantly adding to our catalog of tarps and the plant tarp has turned out to be a good little earner for us.”  Many other companies offer plant tarp type products like “The Planket”.  The key to these type of tarps is making sure that the material is breathable. A drawstring around the perimeter of the tarp is also essential, to enable the cover to wrap around the plant and semi-enclose it.

Tarps Plus has more plans for new tarpaulin products the future.  Last year the company added over a dozen different type of tarp material variations. This year the company plans to double their product development.

A large plant tarp in action.

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