Tarps Plus Plans to Move Headquarters to Weir Texas

A Palmdale CA. based company, Tarps Plus has decided to move their headquarters to Weir Texas.  The poly tarp supplier says the central location along with the tax benefits are the main motivations for the move. The main source of Tarps Plus’ advertising is Internet-based, which means their business is national. The relocation will also enable the company to supply tarps to the hurricane victims in the Gulf Coast. Hurricane tarps are one of their main products. Weir Texas is just below hurricane alley and just above the reach of most hurricanes that hit the Gulf. This makes the new location ideal for hurricane tarp distribution.
Tarps plus general manager Angelina Uquardt stated,” making sure hurricane victims get their tarps fast at the lowest cost is paramount for our company. Our new location in Texas enables us to make sure we can do just that.”
Tarps Plus specializes in poly tarps, canvas tarps, vinyl tarps, and many other type of tarp covers. Weir Texas is approximately 25 miles north of Austin.  The new facility will rest on 10 acres and be equipped with a 30,000 ft.² warehouse and multiple loading docks.  Construction of the new facility begins March 31st and should be completed by the end of July 2013.

Tarps Plus Texas

Tarps Plus Weir Texas

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