Tarps Plus Celebrates Its 13th Year of Being On The Web

Back in 1999 when you want poly tarps or canvas tarps you had to go to your local hardware store.  Unless you lived in Southern California and were able to get tarps from Tarps Plus directly you would have to search for generic type of covers. Then the advent of the Internet came along. So in the fall of 1999 tarps plus plan to build a website for their business and by the spring of 2000 the Tarps Plus website was born. The website was crewed by today’s standards. The tarp giant only had six different types of tarps and a few cover related accessories.
Founder and CEO Michael Stein recalls, “I remember only having a few different types of poly tarps, canvas tarps and our standard hay tarps. It’s amazing to see how far we have grown since then.”
Since its Internet opening over a decade ago Tarps Plus has supplied tarps all over the world and has expanded their catalog by 900%. Stein has plans for the company to expand in Texas in 2013 along with opening multiple retail stores that offer multiple types of tarps, tents and various covers for all types of uses.
Abadak Inc.(The mother company of Tarps Plus and Ace Canopy) has also been a major player with philanthropic causes; donating tarps and emergency shelters across the United States during times of need. The Tarps Plus division of Abadak has donated thousands of tarps throughout the years for situations like Katrina or hurricane Sandy. Canopies and tents have also been donated by the Ace Canopy division.  The company sponsors an annual Thanksgiving national tarp drive, donating thousands of tarps to homeless shelters around the country during the holiday season.  Tarps Plus CEO, Michael Stein handed out over 2000 tarps with Mayor of Los Angeles Antonio Villaraigosa at the L.A. Mission’s annual Thanksgiving fundraiser.

Annual Thanksgiving tarp drive

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