A Line of Hurricane Supply Products To Be Rolled Out by Tarp Company This Summer

Hurricane Sandy exposed many inadequacies to emergencies preparations and the logistics the go along with it. One tarp company plans to make those challenges easier. Tarps Plus the poly tarp and canvas tarps plans to roll out a line of products that are related hurricane preparedness.  These items will include self energizing windup radios, blankets, various types of rope as well as electric generators. The company says the engines should be in place for the 2013 hurricane season. Hurricane season starts between June 1 and ends November 30.
Tarps plus sales manager Steve Benson stated,” people to request our tarps are constantly asking us to we have other items that are related hurricane preparedness. We will get an influx of calls tarps, blankets, rope and various other types of items disaster related.”
Tarps Plus also is in the process of moving one of the main headquarters to Texas to enable hurricane tarps to be more readily available for the Gulf region.

Tarps plus donated thousands of poly tarps and canvas tarps annually for homeless causes as well as hurricane and tornado victims.  Canvas tarps and poly tarps that are waterproof are an essential item for homes that have had the roof ripped off due to a tornado or hurricane.

Tarps for roofs

For more information about tarps plus and their new hurricane products line, you can go to www.tarpsplus.com
or you can call: 1-800-838-3057
Tarps Plus locations:

Palmdale, California
38940 Trade Center Dr.
Palmdale, CA 93551

Weir Texas
5651 FM 971
Weir, TX 78626

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