Palmdale Woman Wins the $5000 Tarp Tent Giveaway by Tarps Plus

Last Saturday Maricris Contreras felt lucky, so she went by the Tarps Plus superstore in high hopes of winning the $5000 tarp tent giveaway. She walked in the store wrote her name on a ticket and put it in the glass jar. She then shopped around the store for a half hour, looking at the various tarps, canopies and covers that they had to offer. Tarps Plus sales manager Steve Benson then announced the drawing will commence. When the first name was called Maricris was disappointed. It was not her name. But the person that was picked was not present in the rules state the winner must be present to collect the prized tarp shelter. So, they had to draw again and Maricris Contreras’ name came up.

Maricris said, “I can’t believe I won. I can really use the tarp and it will go to good use.”

Tarps Plus plans to do a drawing once a month to draw in more customers and create a dynamic store atmosphere. The Tarps Plus store sales manager Steve Benson says,”We feel it’s a win-win scenario for everybody. The antelope Valley has volatile weather at times and we have products like tarps and emergency coverage that are essential. If we have some overstock and can give it away to our customers in need – why not?”

For more information about the Tarps Plus tarp tent giveaway, visit their website at or call the at 1-800-838-3057
Tarps Plus is a subsidiary of Abadak Inc.

Abadak Inc headquarters/store:
38490 Trade Center Dr.
Palmdale, CA 93551

The winner of the tarp tent giveaway.

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