The Cost of Poly Tarps Rise as Oil Prices Soar

As the cost of oil goes up many petroleum-based products rising cost as well. The plastic-based poly tarps are no exception. As the price of oil nearly rebounds to $98 a barrel. The cost of making poly tarps rise as well. A key component of poly tarps are resin. Resin is an oil-based element that is essential for the structure of plastic polyethylene tarps. Many tarp companies find themselves raising prices to combat the higher costs. One company took advantages of the 2012, lower oil prices and stockpiled tarps in order to stay competitive.

Last June the Southern California-based tarp company, Tarps Plus decided to stockpile and 80% increase of poly tarps in order to combat the higher costs of 2013.  Tarps Plus general manager Angelina Urquhart says,” we always need to find ways to offer our customers tarps at the lowest prices. We knew that gas will was a bit lower. Last year, so we manufactured 80% more poly tarps and canvas tarps for this year.”

The Palmdale, California. Based company had made so many poly tarps and canvas tarps that there 25,000 ft.² facility could barely accommodated, so much so the fire marshal told them to reorganize their 28 foot high pallet rack shelving.  Abadak Inc the mother company of Tarps Plus expanded a second warehouse/headquarters in Weir Texas in order to accommodate the additional inventory.

One of the main goals for the leading tarp distributor is to always offer emergency agencies hurricane tarps during hurricane season. Hurricane season starts June 1 to November 30 and the tarp manufacturer seems to be prepared for the task.

The Tarps Plus warehouse

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