Patio Tarps Production Planned for Spring of 2013

The demand of all types of tarps keeps growing every year and this year’s no different. The leading US tarps supplier Tarps Plus will be manufacturing a new line of patio tarps to satisfy their customers demands. The polyethylene meshed based tarps will be designed to withstand high temperatures and harsh UV rays, in order to supply long-lasting shade. The new Tarps Plus brand patio tarps will come in triangular and rectangular shapes. The UV treated mesh tarp material will also be semi elastic in order to stretch and place and conform to hard to cover areas.
Tarps Plus owner and CEO Michael Stein says, “We’re excited to roll out our new patio tarps which will expand our brand and satisfy the demands of our customers”.

The Palmdale, California, based tarp company plans on expanding several new types of tarps to their catalog for the rest of 2013.  The new PE mesh tarps and patio tarps should be on sale at the Tarps Plus retail store by April 25, 2013.

PE mesh patio tarps

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