Discounts Are Offered on Roof Tarps to All Snow Storm Area Victims

The New England area was hit hard today with snowstorms, leading many residents in dire need of roof tarps to cover damaged roofs due to the extreme weather.  Tarps Plus has decided to help out the residence in the area and offer roof tarps at a discounted price.

Tarps Plus’ Sales manager Steve Benson says, “It’s the least we can do for all the people that are having difficulty with this extreme weather in the Northeast. Many of the people meeting roof tarps have already spent a lot of money due to hurricane Sandy.”

The roof tarps are a simple polyethylene-based plastic material.The blue plastic tarp is 100% waterproof, light-duty and cost-effective. Although the tarp does not last a long time it is the perfect solution for emergency coverage at a low cost.

The cheaper blue polyethylene tarps are a better solution than the heavy-duty canvas tarps. Although the canvas tarps are more heavy-duty they are not as waterproof and malleable as the poly tarp.

If you have been affected by the snowstorms in the Northeast area, you can call and get your discount on the roof tarps at: 1-800-838-3057 extension #1.

Tarps covering roof

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