Tarps Plus Thinks of Out of The Box With it’s Valentine’s Day Promotion

When one thinks of Valentine’s Day, they do not think of tarps. But one tarp company has decided to think out of the box and use Valentine’s Day as an opportunity for a sale. The idea came about when the Tarps Plus sales manager, Steve Benson noticed they had an overstock of red tarps. They were wondering what they were going to do with all of the red rose colored poly tarps. They decided to offer red tarp tents to the local florists and car dealerships. It turns out that other local businesses were doing Valentine’s Day sales as well and could use the red canopy tents for their promotions.  The canopies consist of poles canopy connectors and a red tarp on top.  Tarps Plus says they have sold dozens of red tarp tents to local businesses with the Valentine’s Day promotion.
Tarps Plus sales manager Steve Benson says,” The canopies with the red tarp tops just attract people. Many companies in the Los Angeles area have shown interest in our red canopy tents for the purpose of using them on Valentine’s Day.”

Many restaurants have also chosen the red tarp tents for Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is a major day for the restaurant industry.

Street vendors have also shown to be major buyers for the Valentine’s Day tarp tent canopies. One vendor who sells teddy bears, roses and chocolates on the side of the freeway in Palmdale bought a red canopy tent for shade as well as to attract customers.

red tarp tents

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