Tarps Plus Gives Away Another $4000 Tarp Tent at Their Palmdale Retail Store

Tarps Plus held its second monthly $4000 tarp tent giveaway last Saturday. The lucky winner was, Narcisco Ornelas. Narcisco opted to place her drawing at the retail store the day of the raffle. Tarps Plus had over 100 people for the drawing and Narcisco’s name was the first one to come up.  The canopy with the tarp roof had over a $4000 retail price tag. The tent consisted of poles, connectors, ball budgies and a heavy duty valanced tarp that draped over the edges of the tent’s frame.  The tarp company has seen much success from the monthly raffles. Business has increased over 20% since the promotion has started and the company continues to grow its retail entity in the Palmdale/Lancaster area.  Tarps Plus many other philanthropic and charity driven events in the future. The tarp distributor will be donating poly tarps and canvas tarps to local schools foreplay and whether protection.  Tarps Plus Holds the tarp tent raffle the last Saturday of every month. They also plan many raffles every Saturday in between.  The items that will be raffled off the other Saturdays of the month will most likely be various tarps and covers in a lower price range.

Tarps Plus' tarps tent raffle winners.

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