Tarps Plus Helps Local Schools With Tarps For Kids

There was an overabundant amount of stock at Tarps Plus and management was wondering what to do with the excess canvas tarps and tarp tents that were on the shelves. The company distributes poly tarps, truck tarps and various other types of canvas tarps

Canvas tarps on shelves

internationally.  They came up with a unique idea, why not donate the tarps to local schools and that is how “Tarps For Kids” was born. So, tarps plus fills up the truck with a 30 x 30 canvas tarp and a 10′ x 10′ instant tarp tent. The tarp is laid out on to the school parking lot. Paints and supplies are then laid out around the tarp. First children put their hand prints on the bottom of the tarp tent and then the teachers put their hand prints around the top of the tarp tent. The tent is then removed and a white 30×30 canvas tarp is then used for free-form painting, basically anything that the children and teachers want to paint together. The tarp and tent are donated to the school. The tent is used for school functions and the tarp is used for assemblies and decoration purposes. Both pieces signify unity between children and teachers as well as an aesthetically pleasing piece of artwork.

Tarps Plus CEO and founder, Michael Stein stated,” We are very proud of the tarps for kids program. It’s one thing to be happy about getting rid of some excess stock. But the fact that it is going towards a good cause like this makes it more fun.”

Tarps Plus plans to organize the tarps for kids program. All throughout Southern California and eventually expanding throughout the whole state.
If you are a school and are interested in the tarps for kids program, please contact tarps plus at: www.tarpsplus.com or call 1-800-838-3057
Tarps Plus is a subsidiary of Abadak Inc.

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