Tarps Plus Plans To Help Texas Schools With Baseball Tarps

Like most leading companies, Tarps Plus finds itself with slightly flawed or overstocked items now and then. One of the items that tarps plus specializes in our baseball infield tarp covers.  The large polyethylene covers are rolled onto a pallet and shipped to schools every day. Sometimes there are small imperfections in the material and when customers are paying thousands of dollars for a perfect product they do not want to see imperfections. So what does a company do when they have a $3000 product with a slight imperfection? They donated to a company or service that these the product but can’t afford it. That is exactly what tarps plus is doing, the tarp company has decided to donate a 170×170 baseball infield cover to a local Texas school.  The imported Chinese tarps were delivered last month and one of the tarps had a slight tear on the outer.Tarps of these sizes are very specialized and can only have one or two types of uses. The main use for these large tarps are to cover football or baseball fields.

Tarps Plus CEO and founder Michael Stein says,”No company likes to see damaged goods, but when you can do something positive with them it makes you feel better. We are more than happy to donate the baseball field tarp to one of our local schools.”

Most baseball field covers are comprised of polyethylene.  Baseball tarps are usually the highest and demand between February and June.

A baseball field tarp cover

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