Tarps Plus Brings In New Poly Tarps and Canvas Tarps For The New Season

Leading Los Angeles tarps company, Tarps Plus has brought in their annual tarp shipments for 2013. The shipment of poly tarps and canvas tarps features new sizes and grades keeping up with the theme of expanding every year.  Some of the additions are white poly tarps in extra-large sizes for athletic field covers. Larger canvas tarps have been added to the catalog to satisfy the painting industry and construction. The first quarter of 2013 has shown a rise in construction activity Leslie a higher demand on items like canvas tarps and construction covers.

Tarps plus sales manager Steve Benson says, “it is essential for us to continue to grow and expand our tarps catalog to satisfy our customers and be the industry leader in all types of tarps and covers. Variety is our strong suit, so we are constantly adding to our poly tarp and canvas tarp inventory.”

The tarp company plans several shipments of new tarp styles, grades, sizes and materials to offer their customers this year. The company says the prices of tarps will remain the same, although the prices of oil have risen. The price of poly tarps and canvas tarps are directly related to the cost of oil due to the material that is needed to build it. Resin is an oil-based product which is an essential element of poly tarps. The canvas tarps are cotton-based material which is also reliant on the price of oil.

Most of the new stock tarps will be located at the Los Angeles and Texas annexes of Tarps Plus. The majority of hurricane tarp covers will be stored in Texas, strategically placing them there for hurricane season.  The Los Angeles tarps company plans to open a Florida warehouse in 2015 to help further their expansion.

The Los Angeles tarps company Tarps Plus expand their inventory.

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