Price Of Cotton Has Risen In 2013 – Canvas Tarps Cost More.

Price of cotton has risen in 2013 – canvas tarps cost more now. The situation is quite similar with other products. Recently, all the retail prices rise. Another trend that can be noticed in shops is that some products are now made of a mixture of different materials. But the original is still hard to beat.

The fact is; the prices are higher. There are many reasons for that, but start with the obvious ones first. The demand is getting higher, and there is a possibility for a global shortage. Together, those facts are forming the higher prices for the final products. The changes affected the entire textile manufacturing industries as well, and other materials like synthetics also cost more.

The greatest user is, of course, China. Their demand for this product is rising rapidly. There is a concern if the supply will be able to cover this rising demand. Their own production failed as a result of bad weather conditions, also, but they have rising demand for import anyway.

Some of the biggest sources for this product like Pakistan and India reduced their exports thanks to the flooding. In some other countries like Uzbekistan now they produce less than usual. So, the obvious reasons are bad weather and some level of supply shortage.

A California-based tarps supplier Tarps Plus says they will keep their canvas tarps at the same price for as long as they can.  Tarps Plus’ general manager Angelina Urquhart says, “At this point we are going to keep our canvas tarps at the same price they have been for the past several years. It has been challenging, but we feel that our customers will appreciate the savings.”

The type of cotton used is essential for making a piece that will last. Both breathable and water resistant, with double stitches and quality hems used, they make a quality product you can rely on. And everybody needs something to cover or save in his household.

Although this trend will surely stimulate more planting in all cotton growing areas, there is no guarantee for better weather next season. Current shortage in supplies cannot be solved with some short-time measures. Buy your canvas tarps today.

Waterproof canvas tarps

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