The first date is set for The Tarps for Kids program.

Tarps Plus Will be arriving at the guidance charter school in Palmdale, California, Friday April 26. The Los Angeles tarps company will be arriving with a 10 x 10 tarp tent and a 30 x 30′ white canvas tarp for the children to paint on. The volunteer program consists of children dipping their hands in paint and putting their hand prints around the bottom perimeter of the tarp tent. Teachers also that their hands in paint and put their hand prints on the top perimeter of the tarp tent, symbolizing unity between teachers and students. Tarps Plus will also be providing a 30 x 30′ white canvas tarp to late under the tent while students paint. Afterwards, the tent is removed and then children can free-form

painted artwork onto the canvas tarp. The tarp and tent can be used for decorative or shelter purposes. Tarps Plus is donating the tarp and tent to the school, as well as several other schools in the area. The “tarps for kids” program is only the beginning of a series of multiple school functions that will be held around Southern California area.

tarp tent

Tarps Plus’ General manager Angelina Urquhart says, we are more than glad to donate the tents and tarps in the antelope Valley area. We think this is a fine way for us to get in touch with our community.”

If you are a school and the Southern California area, and wish to have a Tarps for Kids program at your school. Please contact Tarps Plus at: 1-800-838-3057


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