Tarps Plus Introduces A New Type Of Heavy Duty Tarp

When people think of heavy-duty tarpaulins, they think of massive, thick coverings for sports fields. However, one tarp comapany introduces a new type of heavy duty tarp and has revolutionized the industry with its introduction. This covering has the ability to provide protection from the elements, even at below zero temperatures. These specifications give it more use outside of the norm.  Tarps Plus Will be rolling out a super heavy-duty polyethylene tarp with grommets and handles. The tarp is targeted to fit a niche industry which requires heavy-duty material to last a long time under harsh weather conditions.

These poly covers are fire retardant, water proof and translucent. This gives them a specific purpose that gardeners and greenhouse owners in places with rough winters will love. The heavy duty tarps also will serve as insulators during the winter, thus, helping your garden to remain alive for longer periods. For those who often see their backyards barren by the first snow, this could be a solution to multiple years of an ongoing problem.

At 10 feet x 10 feet and with a 20 mil thickness, it is safe to say that flowers, fruit trees and all other plants inside the greenhouse will have a warm winter. Worrying about the harsh conditions will not be necessary either. The material used to make this tarpaulin is wear and tear proof. If the need arises for its use outside of the winter months, owners can rest easy with the fact that it is also Ultra Violet resistant.

Tarps Plus has put thought and detail into its manufacturing. When Tarps Plus introduces a new type of heavy duty tarp, it’s goal is to ultimately satisfy their customers. With this new products, comes a new wave of customers who may not have seen the use for this product before. People who are concerned about how the sub-zero temperatures will affect their crops or other things in their yards can rest easy. This “magical” covering, helps to solve that problem without being damaged itself.


The new tarps will be arriving at the Tarps Plus headquarters by July 2013.

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