New Branding For The Tarps Plus Tarp Line

Tarps Plus has been a leader in poly tarps, canvas tarps and vinyl tarps for several decades. Now the tarp company is expanding its product line under the the mother company name Abadak.  Tarps plus is a subdivision of Abadak.  The company was founded by CEO Michael Stein.  Abadak is an acronym that stands for a better atmosphere dedicating all kind. The company manufactures specialty outdoor gear.

Tarps Plus Origins began in the 1950s when Stein’s father sold canvas truck tarps to the trucking industry. In 1999, Michael Stein took the lead and expanded the product line to all types of tarps, canopies and outdoor specialty gear.  Stein wants to expand a new product line with an edge that will attract a niche market.

Stein says, “Our new line of tarps under the Abadak label will be a bit flashier than the branding with done in the past. The brand and packaging will appeal to all demographics and at the same time attract younger buyers and their interests.

Abadak’s Online tarp division offers a massive range of tarps with all types of applications.

poly and canvas tarps

The tarps, various other products and its new packaging will be introduced in September 2013

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