Tarps Plus Puts Begins Its Buildout For Its Texas Location

Many companies are leaving California for Texas due to the tax breaks and one tarp company is no different. Tarps Plus a leading US tarps supplier, has decided to move its headquarters to Weir Texas. Although the California-based tarp giant will be keeping a large portion of its company in California. The majority of the operation will now reside in the Lone Star State.

Tarps Plus founder and CEO Michael Stein says, “We are more than thrilled that the construction phase is starting on our Texas warehouse and retail store. Many people use hay tarps, truck tarps and various type of poly tarps for agricultural reasons in this area and we believe it’s a great fit.”

The tarp company also specializes in hurricane tarp covers which is a necessity in the area. We are Texas is approximately 25 miles North of Austin, Texas, which is just below hurricane alley and above hurricane stricken zones. More than 150,000 poly tarps are staged at the Texas location during the construction build out to make sure that hurricane victims in the Gulf and Atlantic regions can have quick access to poly tarps and supplies if needed in the 2013 hurricane season.

For more information about Tarps Plus and its mother company Abadak, please go to www.tarpsplus.com or you can call them at 1-800-838-3057.

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