The first date is set for The Tarps for Kids program.

Tarps Plus Will be arriving at the guidance charter school in Palmdale, California, Friday April 26. The Los Angeles tarps company will be arriving with a 10 x 10 tarp tent and a 30 x 30′ white canvas tarp for the children to paint on. The volunteer program consists of children dipping their hands in paint and putting their hand prints around the bottom perimeter of the tarp tent. Teachers also that their hands in paint and put their hand prints on the top perimeter of the tarp tent, symbolizing unity between teachers and students. Tarps Plus will also be providing a 30 x 30′ white canvas tarp to late under the tent while students paint. Afterwards, the tent is removed and then children can free-form

painted artwork onto the canvas tarp. The tarp and tent can be used for decorative or shelter purposes. Tarps Plus is donating the tarp and tent to the school, as well as several other schools in the area. The “tarps for kids” program is only the beginning of a series of multiple school functions that will be held around Southern California area.

tarp tent

Tarps Plus’ General manager Angelina Urquhart says, we are more than glad to donate the tents and tarps in the antelope Valley area. We think this is a fine way for us to get in touch with our community.”

If you are a school and the Southern California area, and wish to have a Tarps for Kids program at your school. Please contact Tarps Plus at: 1-800-838-3057


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Price Of Cotton Has Risen In 2013 – Canvas Tarps Cost More.

Price of cotton has risen in 2013 – canvas tarps cost more now. The situation is quite similar with other products. Recently, all the retail prices rise. Another trend that can be noticed in shops is that some products are now made of a mixture of different materials. But the original is still hard to beat.

The fact is; the prices are higher. There are many reasons for that, but start with the obvious ones first. The demand is getting higher, and there is a possibility for a global shortage. Together, those facts are forming the higher prices for the final products. The changes affected the entire textile manufacturing industries as well, and other materials like synthetics also cost more.

The greatest user is, of course, China. Their demand for this product is rising rapidly. There is a concern if the supply will be able to cover this rising demand. Their own production failed as a result of bad weather conditions, also, but they have rising demand for import anyway.

Some of the biggest sources for this product like Pakistan and India reduced their exports thanks to the flooding. In some other countries like Uzbekistan now they produce less than usual. So, the obvious reasons are bad weather and some level of supply shortage.

A California-based tarps supplier Tarps Plus says they will keep their canvas tarps at the same price for as long as they can.  Tarps Plus’ general manager Angelina Urquhart says, “At this point we are going to keep our canvas tarps at the same price they have been for the past several years. It has been challenging, but we feel that our customers will appreciate the savings.”

The type of cotton used is essential for making a piece that will last. Both breathable and water resistant, with double stitches and quality hems used, they make a quality product you can rely on. And everybody needs something to cover or save in his household.

Although this trend will surely stimulate more planting in all cotton growing areas, there is no guarantee for better weather next season. Current shortage in supplies cannot be solved with some short-time measures. Buy your canvas tarps today.

Waterproof canvas tarps

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Tarps Plus Brings In New Poly Tarps and Canvas Tarps For The New Season

Leading Los Angeles tarps company, Tarps Plus has brought in their annual tarp shipments for 2013. The shipment of poly tarps and canvas tarps features new sizes and grades keeping up with the theme of expanding every year.  Some of the additions are white poly tarps in extra-large sizes for athletic field covers. Larger canvas tarps have been added to the catalog to satisfy the painting industry and construction. The first quarter of 2013 has shown a rise in construction activity Leslie a higher demand on items like canvas tarps and construction covers.

Tarps plus sales manager Steve Benson says, “it is essential for us to continue to grow and expand our tarps catalog to satisfy our customers and be the industry leader in all types of tarps and covers. Variety is our strong suit, so we are constantly adding to our poly tarp and canvas tarp inventory.”

The tarp company plans several shipments of new tarp styles, grades, sizes and materials to offer their customers this year. The company says the prices of tarps will remain the same, although the prices of oil have risen. The price of poly tarps and canvas tarps are directly related to the cost of oil due to the material that is needed to build it. Resin is an oil-based product which is an essential element of poly tarps. The canvas tarps are cotton-based material which is also reliant on the price of oil.

Most of the new stock tarps will be located at the Los Angeles and Texas annexes of Tarps Plus. The majority of hurricane tarp covers will be stored in Texas, strategically placing them there for hurricane season.  The Los Angeles tarps company plans to open a Florida warehouse in 2015 to help further their expansion.

The Los Angeles tarps company Tarps Plus expand their inventory.

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Tarps Plus Plans To Help Texas Schools With Baseball Tarps

Like most leading companies, Tarps Plus finds itself with slightly flawed or overstocked items now and then. One of the items that tarps plus specializes in our baseball infield tarp covers.  The large polyethylene covers are rolled onto a pallet and shipped to schools every day. Sometimes there are small imperfections in the material and when customers are paying thousands of dollars for a perfect product they do not want to see imperfections. So what does a company do when they have a $3000 product with a slight imperfection? They donated to a company or service that these the product but can’t afford it. That is exactly what tarps plus is doing, the tarp company has decided to donate a 170×170 baseball infield cover to a local Texas school.  The imported Chinese tarps were delivered last month and one of the tarps had a slight tear on the outer.Tarps of these sizes are very specialized and can only have one or two types of uses. The main use for these large tarps are to cover football or baseball fields.

Tarps Plus CEO and founder Michael Stein says,”No company likes to see damaged goods, but when you can do something positive with them it makes you feel better. We are more than happy to donate the baseball field tarp to one of our local schools.”

Most baseball field covers are comprised of polyethylene.  Baseball tarps are usually the highest and demand between February and June.

A baseball field tarp cover

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Tarps Plus Helps Local Schools With Tarps For Kids

There was an overabundant amount of stock at Tarps Plus and management was wondering what to do with the excess canvas tarps and tarp tents that were on the shelves. The company distributes poly tarps, truck tarps and various other types of canvas tarps

Canvas tarps on shelves

internationally.  They came up with a unique idea, why not donate the tarps to local schools and that is how “Tarps For Kids” was born. So, tarps plus fills up the truck with a 30 x 30 canvas tarp and a 10′ x 10′ instant tarp tent. The tarp is laid out on to the school parking lot. Paints and supplies are then laid out around the tarp. First children put their hand prints on the bottom of the tarp tent and then the teachers put their hand prints around the top of the tarp tent. The tent is then removed and a white 30×30 canvas tarp is then used for free-form painting, basically anything that the children and teachers want to paint together. The tarp and tent are donated to the school. The tent is used for school functions and the tarp is used for assemblies and decoration purposes. Both pieces signify unity between children and teachers as well as an aesthetically pleasing piece of artwork.

Tarps Plus CEO and founder, Michael Stein stated,” We are very proud of the tarps for kids program. It’s one thing to be happy about getting rid of some excess stock. But the fact that it is going towards a good cause like this makes it more fun.”

Tarps Plus plans to organize the tarps for kids program. All throughout Southern California and eventually expanding throughout the whole state.
If you are a school and are interested in the tarps for kids program, please contact tarps plus at: or call 1-800-838-3057
Tarps Plus is a subsidiary of Abadak Inc.

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Tarps Plus Gives Away Another $4000 Tarp Tent at Their Palmdale Retail Store

Tarps Plus held its second monthly $4000 tarp tent giveaway last Saturday. The lucky winner was, Narcisco Ornelas. Narcisco opted to place her drawing at the retail store the day of the raffle. Tarps Plus had over 100 people for the drawing and Narcisco’s name was the first one to come up.  The canopy with the tarp roof had over a $4000 retail price tag. The tent consisted of poles, connectors, ball budgies and a heavy duty valanced tarp that draped over the edges of the tent’s frame.  The tarp company has seen much success from the monthly raffles. Business has increased over 20% since the promotion has started and the company continues to grow its retail entity in the Palmdale/Lancaster area.  Tarps Plus many other philanthropic and charity driven events in the future. The tarp distributor will be donating poly tarps and canvas tarps to local schools foreplay and whether protection.  Tarps Plus Holds the tarp tent raffle the last Saturday of every month. They also plan many raffles every Saturday in between.  The items that will be raffled off the other Saturdays of the month will most likely be various tarps and covers in a lower price range.

Tarps Plus' tarps tent raffle winners.

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Tarps Plus Thinks of Out of The Box With it’s Valentine’s Day Promotion

When one thinks of Valentine’s Day, they do not think of tarps. But one tarp company has decided to think out of the box and use Valentine’s Day as an opportunity for a sale. The idea came about when the Tarps Plus sales manager, Steve Benson noticed they had an overstock of red tarps. They were wondering what they were going to do with all of the red rose colored poly tarps. They decided to offer red tarp tents to the local florists and car dealerships. It turns out that other local businesses were doing Valentine’s Day sales as well and could use the red canopy tents for their promotions.  The canopies consist of poles canopy connectors and a red tarp on top.  Tarps Plus says they have sold dozens of red tarp tents to local businesses with the Valentine’s Day promotion.
Tarps Plus sales manager Steve Benson says,” The canopies with the red tarp tops just attract people. Many companies in the Los Angeles area have shown interest in our red canopy tents for the purpose of using them on Valentine’s Day.”

Many restaurants have also chosen the red tarp tents for Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is a major day for the restaurant industry.

Street vendors have also shown to be major buyers for the Valentine’s Day tarp tent canopies. One vendor who sells teddy bears, roses and chocolates on the side of the freeway in Palmdale bought a red canopy tent for shade as well as to attract customers.

red tarp tents

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Discounts Are Offered on Roof Tarps to All Snow Storm Area Victims

The New England area was hit hard today with snowstorms, leading many residents in dire need of roof tarps to cover damaged roofs due to the extreme weather.  Tarps Plus has decided to help out the residence in the area and offer roof tarps at a discounted price.

Tarps Plus’ Sales manager Steve Benson says, “It’s the least we can do for all the people that are having difficulty with this extreme weather in the Northeast. Many of the people meeting roof tarps have already spent a lot of money due to hurricane Sandy.”

The roof tarps are a simple polyethylene-based plastic material.The blue plastic tarp is 100% waterproof, light-duty and cost-effective. Although the tarp does not last a long time it is the perfect solution for emergency coverage at a low cost.

The cheaper blue polyethylene tarps are a better solution than the heavy-duty canvas tarps. Although the canvas tarps are more heavy-duty they are not as waterproof and malleable as the poly tarp.

If you have been affected by the snowstorms in the Northeast area, you can call and get your discount on the roof tarps at: 1-800-838-3057 extension #1.

Tarps covering roof

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Patio Tarps Production Planned for Spring of 2013

The demand of all types of tarps keeps growing every year and this year’s no different. The leading US tarps supplier Tarps Plus will be manufacturing a new line of patio tarps to satisfy their customers demands. The polyethylene meshed based tarps will be designed to withstand high temperatures and harsh UV rays, in order to supply long-lasting shade. The new Tarps Plus brand patio tarps will come in triangular and rectangular shapes. The UV treated mesh tarp material will also be semi elastic in order to stretch and place and conform to hard to cover areas.
Tarps Plus owner and CEO Michael Stein says, “We’re excited to roll out our new patio tarps which will expand our brand and satisfy the demands of our customers”.

The Palmdale, California, based tarp company plans on expanding several new types of tarps to their catalog for the rest of 2013.  The new PE mesh tarps and patio tarps should be on sale at the Tarps Plus retail store by April 25, 2013.

PE mesh patio tarps

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The Cost of Poly Tarps Rise as Oil Prices Soar

As the cost of oil goes up many petroleum-based products rising cost as well. The plastic-based poly tarps are no exception. As the price of oil nearly rebounds to $98 a barrel. The cost of making poly tarps rise as well. A key component of poly tarps are resin. Resin is an oil-based element that is essential for the structure of plastic polyethylene tarps. Many tarp companies find themselves raising prices to combat the higher costs. One company took advantages of the 2012, lower oil prices and stockpiled tarps in order to stay competitive.

Last June the Southern California-based tarp company, Tarps Plus decided to stockpile and 80% increase of poly tarps in order to combat the higher costs of 2013.  Tarps Plus general manager Angelina Urquhart says,” we always need to find ways to offer our customers tarps at the lowest prices. We knew that gas will was a bit lower. Last year, so we manufactured 80% more poly tarps and canvas tarps for this year.”

The Palmdale, California. Based company had made so many poly tarps and canvas tarps that there 25,000 ft.² facility could barely accommodated, so much so the fire marshal told them to reorganize their 28 foot high pallet rack shelving.  Abadak Inc the mother company of Tarps Plus expanded a second warehouse/headquarters in Weir Texas in order to accommodate the additional inventory.

One of the main goals for the leading tarp distributor is to always offer emergency agencies hurricane tarps during hurricane season. Hurricane season starts June 1 to November 30 and the tarp manufacturer seems to be prepared for the task.

The Tarps Plus warehouse

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